My profound thanks, to my Dad, Caroline, and Schuy, who first encouraged me to take the digital plunge. Indispensable were Hal Wadsworth at Fianchetto Ltd. for his infinite patience and care in constructing this site, and Amber Liu for her deeply insightful, gorgeous graphics. They both went well beyond the call of duty to make this site a reality. I am grateful to Larry Sanders for his spectacular photography of my artwork, and to Tim Gray for wonderful action/teaching/workshop photography. Also, I am thankful for my students' generosity in allowing themselves to be photographed for this site.

"I make ground breaking jewelry that time travels from past to present."

—Leslie, the artist

"I don't seem to tire of teaching the basics. These techniques are thousands of years old, mysterious seeds that I plant in fertile minds. I am regularly amazed to see what grows."

—Leslie, the teacher