My art is not easy to categorize. Itís jewelry, but not traditional. I use some traditional materials and techniques( sterling silver, gold and enamel) but add non traditional materials such as fuses, computer punch cards and circuit board. Itís a bit of this and that,like a collage or a puzzle.

The Computum Rosarium are a series of rosaries where I first began to use computer components extensively. Rosaries are counting devices for prayers and computers are counting device for ideas. I was inspired by Middles Ages imagery, particularly mosaic and reliquaries behind glass. Vacuum tubes and fuses convey that sacred behind glass feeling. The concept behind this for me was to look at the idea of inclusion and oneness, the secular and the divine are not so separate. I used Binary code imagery (zeros and ones) in the designs, for instance, thatís why the crosses are circular,(0) with spokes around (1)

During the Computum Rosarium series I developed a visual vocabulary using the computer components which I explored further, making jewelry and small sculpture. Other work in this collection reflects a long standing love and growing interest in enameling, an ancient process that fuses glass to metal. My more current work reflects more enamel yet continuing to incorporate the electrical elements. Because I teach, I end up learning and showing a variety of techniques, which often show up in my work, such as Poe Mock San Gam, a traditional Korean gold and silver inlay technique on blackened steel.

I will be adding work periodically to this page. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

My work is now available for sale at the Racine Art Museum store. Go to my workshop page, then click on the Racine Art Museum link for directions, hours etc.


Most of the work is available for sale (look for photos with AFS), work not for sale (NFS) could be commission. Please contact me for any purchase / commissions or to be included in my mailing list.

motherboard leaf earrings resistor capacitor rings Greenleaf- wall hook still life enamel tile Poe Mock San Gam Cufflinks Lament- An anti war medal for George Bush Computum Rosarium: Santos
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